The Ruby Talisman

At school, we have started our novel study.  There were four novels available to read:

  • The ruby talisman
  • Chinese cinderella
  • The boy who dared
  • Shahana

I am currently reading the book “The Ruby Talisman“. The Ruby Talisman is about the french Revolution. Tilly, a girl from the modern day finds a family treasure (the ruby talisman). She is transported back in time to the 18th century at the beginning of the french revolution. she and meets Amelie-Matilde, her ancestor who is being forced to marry an old, stinky and horrible man. Together, with hernri, amelies cousin they embark on dangerous journey across the country. Here is the blurb.

“Tilly visualised the pendant, recreating its crimson fire. She felt herself swimming down, down into a deep, vivid dream.”

Tilly falls asleep wishing she could escape to a more adventurous life. In 1789, Amelie-Mathilde is living in luxury at the palace of Versailles- but her guardians want her to marry the horrible Chevalier. she falls asleep wishing someone would rescue her.

Tilly wakes up beside Amelie-Mathilde. The timing couldn’t be worse. starving peasants are rioting and the palace is in chaos. Tilly knows Amelie and her cousin Henri must escape if they are to survive the Revolution. With mutinous villagers, vengeful servants and threats at every turn, will they ever reach safety?

All of our novels are linked to our current UOI unit “Governments and power“. The ruby talisman is focused on the ruling of a royal families back in the 18th century in France, opposed to the democratic Australia we live in now. I found it interesting to compare the different governments because it showed how governments have changed and how they are still the same. I don’t know much about the current government in France, but I am sure it is very different to what it was back in the 18th century at the start of the French Revolution.

I have enjoyed reading about the French Revolution because it really gave me a good idea of what happened. The author describes in great detail the majestic castle of Versailles and the beautiful jewellery and clothing people wore, as well as all the wonderful people and all of the surroundings. This really helped me to picture everything in so much more detail. I learnt so much more about the levels of government and how that meant your treated back then. I also learnt something about the different laws and punishments in 18th century France.

Here is a picture of The front cover of the book “The Ruby Talisman“.


I look forward to posting again soon!


Inspirational Quote of the week

This weeks inspirational quote is…

I haven’t really finished my childhood years yet. But this quote is inspirational because it shows that you shouldn’t be worried but likes on social media, or how good you look, or who takes the best selfies. Instead you should be present, be in the moment, live life and have fun!

I also liked this quote…

 I liked this quote because it shows that winning is not important, although it might make you feel good, and that losing is not a bad thing. You need to learn to lose if you want to win. Losing teaches you to keep going.

I hope you liked the quotes


Finally finished!

I have finally completed and showcased my Passion project to my whole school! It is such a relief to be done, but it’s also kind of sad.

I as pretty much satisfied with my final product. I felt that it wasn’t my bes best work. but that’s probably because the whole thing deleted.

The things I enjoyed most about this project were

  • Getting to see everyones updates
  • Updating my blog
  • Seeing everyones at the end

I really enjoyed seeing everyones products at the end. It gave me a chance to reflect on mine and on others. I felt like everyone’s was really interesting fun to see and learn about. Updating my blog was good because now I will be able to look back and see and reflect on all that I have done.

The parts I didn’t enjoy were

  • How many challenges I had
  • When mine deleted

I didn’t enjoy having so many problems and challenges along the way. I felt like I had more than I should have had. But I guess that’s kind of part of the learning experience, and you just have to “Build a bridge and get over it“. Of course when my whole project deleted that was hard and very frustrating for me, but in the end I re-did it and managed to complete it (Even if it wasn’t my best work).

I learnt lots of lessons and skills throughout the creation of this process, and I am very grateful I got the opportunity to do so. Overall I enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

I want to give a special thanks to my mum for helping me through the challenges and reminding me to be resilient.

Thanks for reading my updates


Inspirational quote this week

Hi guys,

From now on I am going to try and post a quote that is inspiring to me. I will post one once a week, and it will be called “inspirational quote of the week

So this weeks quote is…

I like this quote because it is encouraging you to follow your dreams and to not just dream, but take action as well.

Have a good week!


Almost Finished!

This week is the second last week of the creation of my Passion Project. At the end of next week we will be showcasing our creations to the school.


I have uploaded all of my photos onto my Imovie. I found a few more photos that I decided I wanted to use for the project and replaced other photos that I was originally going to use with the new photos. The photos I have chosen show a good variety of my ages.


I am still using the same songs that I was using last week for my music. I have done some more work on my mixed music, and I have managed to finish it. However, I still need to edit it to make sure it flows well.


This week I have only faced one challenge. The challenge was that when I played the music to the photos, the music wasn’t quite as long as the photos. Therefore it didn’t match. I am still working on how to overcome this challenge, although I have a few solutions that I am going to try.

Do you have any solutions for me?

Leave a comment below


Passion project week 5

This week I have organised all of my pictures as well as my music.


The pictures that I have selected for my project show me growing up, how I have changed and how I am still the same or similar. I will arrange the pictures so they are in order of me growing up. ( From when I was a baby to me now ). The way I selected these pictures was by putting them into different groups. E.G. Family, me, sisters. I then sorted through those groups one at a time and evaluated which ones I wanted to use and which ones I didn’t want to use. After going through each seperate pile I finally had my selection of photos for my project.


I have almost finished mixing my music. I have successfully found music that is not copyright for my project. The app I am currently using is called Easy Audio Mixer. At the moment the songs that I am using are

  • Beautiful- Jessica Mauboy
  • Never be the same- Jessica Mauboy
  • This a’int love- Jessica Mauboy
  • Pop a bottle (Fill me up)- Jessica Mauboy
  • Despacito- Justin Bieber  ft. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
  • Shape of you- Ed Sheeran


So far this week I haven’t had many challenges which is good. One big challenge though was when the sites  that I was on kept giving the computer viruses. To solve this problem I quickly installed an anti-virus program that stopped the viruses from harming the computer.

So far I am happy with my progress on the project, and I am looking forward to posting another update next week


Passion project week 4

Hey guys, I have worked a bit more on my passion project and am excited about telling you all about it. This week is all about our creating stage. I have picked some songs that I am going to use and I am starting to mix them.  Some of the artists from the songs I am using are:

  • Ed Sheeran
  • Fifth Harmony
  • Little mix
  • Pink

I picked these artists because they are some of my favourite artists.

Another challenge I have faced was

  •  When I was trying to find free music to download.

I have decided that instead of doing landscape pictures I am going to do photos of me. So it will be like a photo album of me growing up.

I will keep posting about my progress



Taking off

Hi guys sorry I forgot to post an update about my passion project last week I am just going to doing it now instead.

I have finally chosen my app that I will be using to mix my music, it is called Edjing mixer. here is a list of my resources and materials I will be using during my passion project.

Resources Materials
–      IMovie

–      Music mixer app

–      Computer

–      Phone

–      Photos

–      Music

some of the challenges i have faced  during this time have been

  • Transferring the music from iTunes to my app
  • Working out how the app works
  • Understanding music copyright
  • Being patient and resilient when i was facing these challenges.

I will post another update this week.


Getting started on my passion project!

This term year 6 at my school are running this task called the passion project. The passion project is a task which is stretched over a period of seven weeks in which you chose an area you are passionate about and complete a project which involves learning a new skill.

For my passion project i have chosen to create a video on  Imovie. In the background of this video i will have music that i mixed on a different app playing.  This is because i am passionate about music. I will also have landscape pictures showing during my presentation which i will have taken myself. I have combined photography  and music together because I am very passionate about both. A few skills i will have gained from this experience will be how to mix music and then transfer it onto imovie, i will have gotten better at my photography and i will have learned not only how to use imovie but also how to insert things to make little video clips.

I will post more about updates on my Project in the next few weeks.

This is war

In class we have made poems. Our poems had to describe war. My poem is called This is war. I hope you like it.

This is war

As dawn cracks they feel shivers crawl down their spines

Eventually a crowd gathers at the edge of a beach

Overhead the clouds cast a dark shadow over the rolling hills

As they begin their climb they think of what lies ahead

When they stumble to the top of the slope they dig furiously until night falls

In the morning gunshots are whizzing loudly past their heads

They feel the thud of bodies collapsing on the ground

Tension feels the air as they fight for their lives

Happiness is scarce as they climb back onto their ships

Loss has engulfed them

But the country they fought for is now safe

This is war

I would love you to leave a comment or let me now if you have a blog that you would like me to visit. I hope you liked my poem.